Friendly and Professional Team

We know what it’s like to detox.

Many of staff have either had their own personal experience of addiction or supported loved ones through addiction. We understand firsthand the process and the dedication it requires.

Our team includes specialised Alcohol and Drug (AOD) workers, counsellors, nurse-practitioners, nurses,holistic therapists and a private visiting doctor who are here to support and guide you. We also offer post-withdrawal services with a counsellor so that you can stay on track and remain connected in order to prevent relapse.

We offer 24-hour supervised care to a maximum of four clients at any one time Our staff work alongside you, offering one-on-one counselling, group therapy and support every day. Our experienced team are here to make your drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation process as smooth as possibleYour medication and detox regime is closely supervised and health checks are conducted everyday to ensure your wellbeing. Alongside our medical team, our counsellors will work closely with you as you undergo the stages of change and help you to make sense of and address the underlying causes of your addiction. Our chefs are on hand to prepare the best nutritious, wholesome and delicious food so you have the best chance of feeling healthy and refreshed.

In addition to our core team, we have a wide range of visiting practitioners, including executive coaches, personal trainers, yoga teachers, musicians, Chinese medicine practitioners and massage therapists.

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion with one of our friendly staff.