A Sample Daily Schedule

At The Sydney detox and rehab, we believe in the power of personalised care, which is why no two days are exactly the same. As you find your rhythm and your health begins to flourish, your schedule will adapt to meet your evolving needs. The following schedule offers a glimpse into how a day within our healing environment may unfold.

Morning Revival

8:00 am:

Enjoy a nutritious breakfast crafted to support your recovery and provide sustenance for the day ahead.

9:00 am: Personal training

Personal training transcends the traditional confines of physical exercise; it’s an individual journey towards reclaiming your strength and vitality. Energise your recovery with a personal training session, tailored to your fitness level and recovery goals.

10:30 am: One on One counselling with our AOD counsellor

One-on-one counselling with our trained AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) counsellor is not just a conversation; it is a journey into the heart of your experiences, an opportunity for personal exploration and growth with a compassionate professional. At Sydney Detox and Rehab you’ll find a compassionate space that invites openness and profound healing.

12 noon: Neurofeedback session

The neurofeedback technology interprets your brain’s bio-signatures, guiding it towards optimal functioning. It invites underactive areas to awaken, encourages overactive regions to rest, and nurtures the overall flow of your cognitive processes. Each session retrains the neural pathways. Over time, the brain begins to adopt these healthier patterns, reducing turmoil and enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability.

1:00 pm:

Savour a delicious lunch, each meal is thoughtfully prepared to nurture both body and soul.

2:30 pm:Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Address the damage caused by drinking and restore the brain.
Within the hyperbaric chamber, you breathe in oxygen at higher pressures, which saturates your blood and infuses your tissues. This enriched atmosphere can help mitigate the deleterious effects of long-term alcohol use, fostering cellular repair and revitalization.
It sparks regeneration and encourages the body’s own healing mechanisms. This can be especially crucial for brain tissue, which may have been compromised by the effects of alcohol, enhancing neuroplasticity and cognitive functions that are often hindered by substance abuse.


Massage invigorates the circulatory system, enhancing the flow of blood and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. Allow yourself to relax.

Evening Serenity

6:00 pm:

Gather for dinner, where community and shared stories enrich the dining experience.

Night time Reflection

7 pm Delta Light Therapy for sleep

Disrupted by the chaos of addiction, the body’s circadian rhythms often struggle to find their natural cadence. Delta Hypnotic Light Therapy helps realign these internal rhythms, tuning the body back to the rhythms of the natural world and its cycles of day and night, wakefulness and sleep.
As the mind follows the hypnotic dance of light, it drifts towards the threshold of sleep.

8 pm

The evening offers a chance to unwind—engage in journaling, lose yourself in a book, or reflect on the day’s journey. Dedicate time to self-nurture; this may be the perfect moment for a warm bath, or simply resting in solitude.

10:00 pm

Retreat to the comfort of your bed, allowing the day’s experiences to settle as you drift into a restful sleep.
Remember, this is merely a snapshot of a day at Sydney Detox and Rehab. Your journey is yours alone, and your daily activities will be as unique as you are, continuously tailored by your dedicated treatment team.

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