“Having come to the end of my four-week stay at Sydney Detox and Rehab, I can honestly say that the tailored program and expert staff have not only saved my life but in doing so, changed my life. The focus on individual needs, one-on-one counselling, personal training, and a supportive environment provided the foundation for my life-long recovery. The team’s dedication to my well-being exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful for the love, encouragement, and opportunity to move forward.”

Our Commitment
to Veterans

Sydney Detox and Rehab is a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provider, offering a safe and confidential environment for veterans with Gold or White cards.

Our facility is designed to meet the unique needs of ex-servicemen and military personnel seeking help with addiction management and treatment.

Private, Quiet, and Caring

We prioritise your privacy and comfort. Our facility accommodates a maximum of 4 clients, ensuring a quiet and non-hospital environment.

Our friendly staff is here to make you feel at home, providing the support you deserve.

Streamlined DVA Application

We understand the importance of timely assistance.

Our management team will organise your DVA application, making the process hassle-free. We can prioritise urgent cases, with approval times as short as a week.

Required Documentation

To initiate the process, we require the following documents:

  • A doctor’s or psychiatrist’s referral letter
  • Medical history or summary, including any diagnoses
  • DVA forms
  • Supporting evidence

Our experienced team can assist you in assembling all the necessary information for the DVA application.

Support Network for Veterans

We believe in honouring your service by offering hope and comprehensive support. Our veteran liaison, Sam O’Neill, is dedicated to helping fellow servicemen on their journey to recovery.

Sam, a veteran himself, understands the challenges you face and is here to connect with you, offer advice, and complete DVA applications.

Veteran Liaison

Our Veteran Liaison officer, Sam, boasts an impressive service record, having dedicated 7 years to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and an additional 2 years in the Reserves.

His deployments included challenging missions in Afghanistan and East Timor. Notably, he is also the Founder and one of the Directors of Never Alone Fight Together (NAFT).

Sam’s journey took a transformative turn when he triumphed over personal addiction. He discovered his true purpose in assisting his fellow servicemen and women by facilitating access to mental health support and guiding them towards full recovery.

Having successfully navigated his own path to recovery, Sam is committed to translating words into meaningful action. His unwavering belief is that it’s high time we prioritise the well-being of our Returned Servicemen and Women, exemplified by his motto: “Never Alone Fight Together.”

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