Veterans (DVA)

Having come to the end of my four week stay at Sydney Detox and Rehab, I can honestly say that the tailored program and team of expert staff have not only saved my life but in doing so, changed my life. I have struggled with addiction over many years and have completed numerous ‘in-patient’ treatment stays, all varying in duration, intensity and approach. The tailored program including daily one-on-one counselling sessions, individual Personal Training and yoga as well as five-star accommodation created an optimal environment in which I could focus all my efforts on establishing a foundation for life-long recovery. As stated on the Sydney Detox and Rehab web-site, “programs are tailored made to each client and developed in partnership with you to better meet your particular needs”. I can attest to this approach as I was able to work with the team at Sydney Detox and Rehab to develop and implement a structured and progressive ‘out-patient’ program as part of my transition back into the ‘real world’ that ensures I have the best possible chance of long-term recovery. I would like to acknowledge the incredible work of the team who are responsible for creating the optimal environment in support of my recovery and assisting me to create a treatment plan that both meets my needs and exceeds my expectations. I will never forget the love, encouragement and opportunity you have given me to move forward with the rest of my life.
– Mark Veteran

  • Specialise in Alcohol Detox
  • Fast Intake. No wait lists.
  • One on one counselling. No Groups.
  • Quiet environment for PTSD affected Veterans.
  • 100% Confidential
  • Maximum 4 clients
  • Own room
  • Use of your laptop and phone to make calls and emails in between sessions.
  • Retreat style non hospital environment

Sydney Detox and Rehab is an independent Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provider offering privacy and confidentiality.

Veterans with a Gold or White card are eligible to be admitted into our detox and rehab facility.

Our community based service is quiet, confidential and private. It is ideal for ex servicemen and military personnel who need help with addiction management and treatment.

We are a quiet facility with a maximum of 4 clients at a time in a non hospital environment. We have friendly staff to make you feel at home and comfortable.

Your DVA applications will be organised for you by our management team.

We are able to prioritise urgent cases and approval times in this case can be up to a week.

We require the following:

  1. A doctor’s or psychiatrist’s referral letter
  2. Medical history or summary or any diagnoses
  3. DVA forms
  4. Supporting evidence

We are able to help you with putting it all together for the DVA application.

Our DVA team will work with your advocacy team, the RSL and Open Arms for you to get the help you need. We prioritise you.

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion with one of our friendly staff.