Privacy &

At Sydney Detox and Rehab, we prioritise your privacy and confidentiality.

Our commitment to discretion and personalised service ensures that your privacy is always safeguarded. We understand the importance of confidentiality, and we guarantee it in all aspects of our care.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Your personal records remain completely confidential. We maintain a strict paper-only system, keeping your medical details off any online platform or database.

Our records are not listed with Medicare or eHealth portals, and they are never disclosed to private health insurers or Income Protection Insurers. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Choose Your Level of Discretion

We offer the option to use an alias with our staff, granting you the choice of how you wish to engage.

We believe in respecting your comfort and privacy, allowing you to have control over how you’re identified within our facility.

Location Privacy

To ensure your privacy, we keep our location discreet, providing you with a private and secure environment.

Unwanted visitors, whether from family, the media, acquaintances, or the public, are prevented from accessing our facility. Our clients enjoy individual rooms and bathrooms, and our facilities offer ample space for downtime and relaxation.

Staff Commitment

Our commitment to your privacy extends to our dedicated staff.

They are highly trained in maintaining client confidentiality and are bound by contracts that uphold the utmost commitment to non-disclosure of patient information. Please note that by law, we are obligated to break confidentiality only in situations where immediate danger to your life or someone else’s life is present.

Priority Admission + Same Day Intake Service

We understand the urgency of addiction and recovery support. Waiting for weeks or months can be incredibly challenging. That’s why we offer priority admission to our clients.

Many public programs have lengthy waiting lists, and private hospitals may have significant wait times. At Sydney Detox and Rehab, most of our clients are admitted within just a few days of their first contact with us. For urgent situations we are able to do same day intake. Our caring staff provides support throughout this contemplation phase, making sure you feel comfortable and informed. If our programs align with your needs, we’ll arrange an assessment to ensure the best fit. We work with you to schedule an admission time that suits your convenience. Your Confidentiality is Our Promise

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