Our Rehab Program

This addiction detox centre is so unique, it’s a rare find in the heart of Sydney… This centre is small, peaceful, confidential and very, very private, with all the comforts you need.
– JE

What is drug and alcohol rehab?

  • Our residential rehab programs are designed to help you address the causes of your addiction and develop new, healthy habits to maximise your long term recovery
  • Programs are tailor-made to each individual’s needs and may include equine assisted therapy, art therapy, executive coaching, personal training, acupuncture and massage
  • We offer a nurturing, homely environment so that you have the support and space to reflect and unwind

A drug and alcohol rehab is the next step after the completion of our drug and alcohol detox. Sydney Detox and Rehab offers short stay rehab programs and clients can stay with us for up to 28 days.

Rehab focuses on the psychological, emotional, social and physical tools that will support you to understand your addiction and stay off drugs & alcohol.

Rehab can be an important step in the recovery journey.

Clients are supported to recognise and work with the roots of their addiction and their triggers in a systematic way. We work with clients to develop new, healthier habits.

Rehab is about rebuilding your life and reconnecting with all that life has to offer outside of addiction. Clients are supported to reconnect with themselves, their passions, their aspirations and reasons for living. We are there with clients as they begin to move towards self-acceptance and balance. This includes beginning to learn to accept and work with emotions and experiences that feel difficult. Many addicts will turn to drugs and alcohol to try and ease or numb challenges, it can be very useful to develop the tools to accept and face difficulties in a healthy way.

Image of an alcohol rehab client

Do I need residential rehab?

For many addicts, addiction has been a long term concern lasting several years or even decades, resulting in entrenched habits and destructive impulses. It takes time and energy to create new, healthy habits and learn to move past destructive or unhealthy impulses.
Some clients will really benefit from having intensive residential rehab support, as it gives them the time, support and space to just focus on developing resources, healthy habits, resilience and understanding.

The first few weeks and months of sobriety can be the most challenging for individuals with problematic drug and alcohol use, and having a safe, relaxed and professionally supported space to be in can make a world of difference.

The rehab experience at our clinic

Rehab is focused on moving forward with your life.

We provide a relaxed environment where you can take the time to resource yourself, change your patterns and clarify what’s important to you.

A team of experienced professionals will create a highly individualised treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs. Because we only take a maximum of 10 clients at a time, we are able to tailor-make your rehab experience and provide predominantly 1:1 therapeutic support to clients. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Sydney Detox and Rehab takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We offer a combination of:

  • Counselling
  • Psycho-education
  • Massage and bodywork
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal training
  • Nutritional support
  • Nature walks and activities
  • Music and sound therapies

Depending on your interests, we will create a plan for your stay that could include golf, kayaking, beauty therapies and a wide array of other activities.

We understand that some clients cannot take time out from their work or business and take a realistic approach to these commitments. Here at Sydney Detox and Rehab, we are happy to provide clients with the space and resources to attend to their work commitments. Clients are supported to make their wellbeing a priority and find a balanced approach to work. We help clients with the tools and strategies to make this a reality that they can take into their everyday lives.


Clients are ensured a high level of confidentiality and we use a variety of safeguards to ensure your privacy. For example, you are able to use an alias with staff if you choose to and we only use paper-based records and these records will be anonymous – they will not be listed with Medicare or eHealth portals, nor will they be shared with private health or Income Protection insurers.

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What next?

Addiction is a complex issue that takes time, effort and support to manage and overcome. Recovery is a process, not a quick fix. It takes time to build new, healthier habits and coping strategies to replace the reaction to use.

We encourage clients to be realistic with the work and effort required to maintain recovery and prevent relapse.

For this reason we ensure that our programs include 1 month of aftercare, and that all clients are supported in developing and accessing long term supports. Long term support will help you in implementing & maintaining the tools, strategies and insights that you developed during your detox and rehab stay.

Clients are supported to find and access what works for them in the long term. This may include attending 12 step meetings, individual or group therapy sessions, taking up new hobbies & interests, finding a new social circle, coaching and personal training.

Image of smiling alcohol rehab patients

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