• Sydney Detox and Rehab is here to safely detox you from cocaine, alcohol & other drugs. We do this in a private luxury home-like environment that is friendly and nurturing
  • We offer highly confidential support and bespoke treatment packages tailored to your needs. We arrange and source the right support for you
  • Clients are offered daily holistic therapies to help regain physical, mental and emotional balance. These include massage, personal training, art therapy, counselling and acupuncture

It takes courage to take the first step in addressing your cocaine addiction concerns. Reaching out for support can feel daunting, but getting appropriate professional support can be a key factor in an addict’s recovery journey.

Cocaine abuse continues to be a worrying trend throughout Australia and affects individuals and families from all walks of life. Sydney Detox and Rehab is here to help you at every stage of your recovery process.

What Is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine is an illicit drug that gives users a strong, temporary ‘high’- it is a highly addictive substance. The body’s tolerance to cocaine can develop quickly, which means the user needs to take more of the substance to achieve the same effect. Users may soon feel like they need to take cocaine to in order to feel normal and in order to avoid the ‘crash’ that comes with stopping use.

Signs of cocaine addiction may include:

  • Secretive behaviour, lying to cover up use
  • Strained relationships with family, partners, friends and colleagues
  • Depression and anxiety, especially when not using
  • Financial problems
  • Paranoia
  • Not being able to stop using despite negative consequences
  • Mood swings, irritability and aggression
  • Weight loss
  • Work and personal life slipping
  • Tremors
  • Hallucinations
  • Health issues such as heart problems & nasal cavity damage
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insomnia

Cocaine addiction is serious and can lead to stroke, heart attack, organ failure, overdose and death.

What is cocaine withdrawal?

When the body builds up physical dependence on cocaine, users will experience a ‘crash’ or ‘comedown’ when they stop using. The range of uncomfortable symptoms that the addict experiences is known as withdrawal.
The intensity of symptoms, especially psychologically, can make it very difficult to stop using, many relapse during the withdrawal phase. The depression and suicidal thoughts that may arise can be particularly challenging. Getting professional help from a residential detox centre provides a safe and supportive environment during this difficult phase.

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal:

The crash from cocaine normally begins 24 hours after the last use. Symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Extreme cravings to use
  • Suicidal thoughts & ideation
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Agitation and anger
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of motivation

Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine abuse can have major physical, mental, financial and social impacts. Users may find that their relationships, work ventures, family life, children and health are suffering. Recovery from addiction is a worthwhile process that is greatly helped by appropriate professional support.

For many, residential detox and rehabilitation is an important first step towards finding freedom from addiction.

Medically Supervised detox

Residential medically supervised detox in a safe and caring environment is highly recommended for individuals withdrawing from cocaine. A medical professional and nursing staff monitor your symptoms and support you through any physical and mental health concerns that may arise during your detox. Due to the possibility of severe depression and suicidal thoughts arising, it is not advisable to stop or go “cold turkey” on your own

What is medically supervised detox like at Sydney Detox and Rehab?

Sydney Detox and Rehab provides medically supervised detox in a luxury, confidential environment. The detox process is overseen by a medical doctor and includes 24/7 nursing staff during the withdrawal phase.  The most severe cocaine detox symptoms can last for several days, but this will depend on the severity of the addiction as well as whether other drugs & alcohol were used.

Soon after arriving at our detoxification centre, our doctor will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition. They may prescribe medication that could help in reducing your withdrawal symptoms. Your health will be regularly monitored by nursing staff throughout the day and our trained staff make sure your detox is as safe and comfortable as possible.  Your detox program will be tailored to your needs. Some withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings for cocaine, can last for more than 10 weeks. Education and aftercare will be an important part of your recovery process.

Rehabilitation is recommended after the detox phase, this can support you in understanding your addiction and developing the tools, motivation & resources to live a full life beyond the clutches of addiction.

A Holistic treatment approach to cocaine addiction treatment:

Here at Sydney Detox and Rehab we offer a holistic approach to cocaine detox and rehabilitation.

Your nutrition is taken care of by an in-house chef who creates a personalized food plan that supports the withdrawal process.

Massage, acupuncture and a personal training supports you to relax, detox your body and build physical & mental resilience.

Counselling, coaching and psycho-educational sessions support you to better understand your addiction and rebuild a life based in healthy habits and coping strategies. Your detox and rehab program is tailor-made, so depending on your needs & interests we can offer additions like equine-assisted learning, recreational activities such as golf & kayaking, African drumming sessions and sound meditation.

We want you to experience the possibilities that are available to you in life beyond addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Sydney

Cocaine use and cocaine addiction is on the rise in Sydney. Rather than just a party powder, cocaine is affecting young students, business professionals, and everything in between. With such a prevalence of cocaine use and addiction in Sydney, the state needs top treatment facilities in order to help individuals detox, safely.

With cocaine becoming more attainable and accepted than ever before, it’s important to provide addicts with accessible cocaine drug rehab programs. If you or someone you know have developed a cocaine addiction, reaching out for professional help is paramount. Cocaine addiction treatment can help you safely detox and get your life back.

How Sydney Detox & Rehab Can Help

At Sydney Detox and Rehab, we offer a holistic approach to cocaine detox and rehabilitation to ensure that you are able to securely and safely deal with your addiction. As a private cocaine rehab clinic, we can offer you the privacy to not only work through your addiction but also be ready for the possibilities that a life without addiction can afford.

With Sydney Detox and Rehab, cocaine addiction treatment in Sydney has never been easier to receive. Our cocaine addiction treatment center and individualised cocaine rehab programs are here to help you detox in a safe and supportive environment.

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion with one of our friendly staff.