Our Detox Program

What is drug and alcohol detox?

  • We offer medically supervised 7-10 day detox programs in a nurturing luxury environment. Our facilities are spacious and offer easy access to the beach for walks and swims
  • Our detox program is unique in that it includes a range of daily holistic therapies to ease the process. This includes massage, acupuncture, counselling, art therapy and sound therapy.
  • Nursing staff on site 24/7 for the first stage of detox and our friendly team will ensure you are supported at every step of your recovery journey

Our rehab and detox clinic in Sydney specialises in medically supervised drug and alcohol detoxification. The purpose of detox is to support clients to overcome the physical dependence of substances, it is an essential first step of addiction treatment.

When a person uses or drinks regularly or heavily, their body will person’s body develop tolerance to and dependence on the substances that they use. They will need more and more of the substance in order to get the desired effect and will experience an array of uncomfortable symptoms when they try and stop using or drinking. Often users can’t stop using. This is normally because the cravings are so strong and/or when they try and stop the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable that they turn back to drugs to try and cope with the symptoms.
This is because their bodies are now physically dependent on the substance. This is addiction.

A residential detox provides a safe and medically supervised environment in which clients can safely come off their substance/s of choice. Clients are monitored 24/7 by trained staff to ensure withdrawal symptoms are managed and clients feel as comfortable as they can.

Physical and mental healthy is closely monitored during detox for clients’ safety. Clients may be prescribed medications to help manage their symptoms. Drug tests are routinely performed to monitor the decreasing levels of a substance of the body.

Generally the detox process will take approximately 5-10 days, depending on the substances used. We recommend that clients stay with us for at least 7 days to ensure the detox process is a smooth one.

Image of a patient in our Sydney detox clinic

Do I need a residential detox?

The short answer is yes.

Withdrawal from alcohol and drugs can be very dangerous and even life threatening, depending whether there are any preexisting healthy issues and the amount and type of drugs and alcohol used.

A medically supported detox helps reduce the risks of medical complications arising from withdrawal symptoms. It helps minimise the risk of a quick relapse and gives addicts and problem users the best chance at long term recovery.

It is important that detox for all substances is assessed by and closely monitored by trained professionals.

Detoxing from all substances will lead to withdrawal symptoms. Even stopping something as benign as coffee can give daily coffee drinkers severe headaches, fatigue and anxiety as their body adjusts to the lack of caffeine in their system.

Most people are surprised to find out that the most common substance of chemical addiction, alcohol, can also lead to the most severe withdrawal symptoms, including seizures.

However, severe withdrawal symptoms can arise when detoxing from any drug.

Withdrawal symptoms can include (but not limited to):

  • Severe fatigue
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Intense cravings to use
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Night sweats
  • Delirium tremens
  • Hallucinations
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • High blood pressure

The dangers of unsupervised detox

Depending on the substances used and the length & severity of addiction, withdrawal can be very dangerous and even life threatening. For your safety and wellbeing, it is important that you choose a detox facility that offers you an appropriate level of care and supervision during this challenging phase of addiction treatment.

At Sydney Detox and Rehab all of our clients are thoroughly assessed prior to admission to determine whether you have any health complications, co-morbid mental health issues and to gage the severity of your drug & alcohol use. Clients are also assessed by a medical professional when they arrive at the detox to determine the safest detox protocols for you. Nursing staff are on hand 24/7 during your detox process to monitor your wellbeing.

Sydney Detox and Rehab is not a hospital and is therefore unable to take on high risk clients for detox and will refer these clients onto their local public hospital detox program for their own safety. High risk clients include clients who are actively suicidal, have unmanaged severe mental health issues, have a history of seizures and/or severe medical complications.

Why detox at Sydney Detox and Rehab?

Sydney Detox and Rehab offers a holistic, luxury approach to medically supervised detox-rehab.
Clients are ensured a high level of confidentiality- you are able to use an alias with staff if you choose to. We only use paper-based records and these records will be anonymous – they will not be listed with Medicare or eHealth portals, nor will they be shared with private health or Income Protection insurers.

We take a maximum of 4 clients at one time to ensure privacy and highly individualised care.

Our experienced medical team will create a bespoke treatment plan that will best benefit you during your stay with us. Our nurses are onsite 24/7 during the withdrawal phase of your time with us to ensure your safety and health.

Sydney Detox and Rehab offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery, offering a range of integrative therapies in addition to medical interventions. Therapies such as massage, acupuncture and personal training are offered daily to help ease the detox process.
Our in-house chef takes care of your nutritional needs, helping you reclaim the satisfaction of enjoying food and taking care of yourself again.

Clients are offered daily counselling and psycho-educational sessions to support psychological & emotional integration and resource development.

Depending on your interests, we will create a plan for your stay that could include executive coaching, equine-assisted learning, golf, African drumming, kayaking and a wide array of other activities. Our aim to support you to create an enjoyable, fulfilling life beyond the grasps of addiction.

Image of a healthy detox drink

Priority Admission

Public and private drug and alcohol detox and rehab centres can have waiting lists of up to 6 months, which is a long time to wait when you and your loved ones need support. Long waiting can put one’s health, wellbeing and life at risk.

Sydney Detox and Rehab typically admits clients into our detox program within a week of contact.

The speed of admission will depend on when you are available for a pre-admission assessment, when you are available to check in, whether you are assessed to be an appropriate candidate for our centre and whether you have any preexisting medical conditions that need to be assessed by a doctor.

Image of our detox clinic in Sydney

What next?

Sydney Detox and Rehab offers its clients a short stay rehab program that they can transition into after their detox has completed. Clients can stay with Sydney Detox and Rehab for up to 28 days.

Rehab at Sydney Detox and Rehab gives clients an opportunity to look at and understand their drug and alcohol use, build new healthier habits and develop the tools & strategies to help them move towards their goals & aspirations. Clients can take full advantage of the relaxing and supported environment that Sydney Detox and Rehab offers to take the steps of rebuilding their lives beyond addiction. Recovery is an ongoing journey that requires time and effort, a rehab program can really equip clients with the tools they need to successfully progress along the recovery path.

You can find out more about our rehab program here

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