Confidential Executive Drug & Alcohol Detox


  • Fast intake.
  • Short program: Only 7 days of your time.
  • One on one counselling. No Groups.
  • Use of your laptop and phone to make business calls and emails in between sessions.
  • Maximum 4 clients.
  • Retreat style non hospital environment.
  • Own room
  • Completely confidential and private.

Thank you to the team at Sydney Detox and Rehab. You have helped me greatly only road to recovery. A highly recommended facility a life changing week of my life!
– Ed

Make your Wellbeing a Priority

  • We offer priority admission to get you detoxed ASAP
  • Safely detox in a comfortable luxury environment that is relaxing and nurturing. We give you the space & support to relax and unwind
  • You can bring your work to our detox & rehab and we offer executive coaching to support your life & work goals. Our approach is practical and balanced.

We have the inimitable Roh, our remarkable Business and Leadership Coach and author of Rise Warrior Rise. He focuses on high performance, wellbeing and virtues. Roh has led start-up businesses and global multinationals to dominate market leadership. Companies include Hutchison 3 (start-up), Telstra and BlackBerry, where he grew revenues up to $3 Billion per annum. Roh is a highly sought-after coach, advisor and mentor on performance, mindset and leadership.
Roh is the author of Rise Warrior Rise – the go-to book and program on self-mastery/leadership that is a compulsory text in Business and Leadership Degrees including the elite Dean Scholar program at Macquarie University. Roh created The Leadership FrameworkTM, the most complete business growth and diagnostic tool, which is used by organisations and leadership students to diagnose business performance and develop growth strategies. Roh is host of the Happiness PlatformTM (retreats and leadership show) to empower leaders with the tools to build performing businesses and lives.
Roh’s mission is to empower businessmen and women to build purposeful organisations which measure success financially as well as by the surplus they create for their people and communities.
On request we book you in for a personal one on one session with Roh. This is a rare opportunity to have quality time with such a great leader and businessman.

Life can get really busy  and we understand that you may not be able to leave your hectic work schedule. Our Executive Detox allows you to relax during your withdrawal process whilst also ensuring you have the resources, support and space so that you can continue to work.

We offer our clients their own bedrooms. We have a range of comfortable double and queen size beds with luxuriant pillows especially chosen for their comfort and neck support. There is a desk area for laptop work and writing. A solid internet connection ensures you can keep up to date and connected to the outside world. Bright and light furnishings keep the atmosphere relaxed and opulent.

Many of our clients are busy professionals and business owners. Sydney Detox and Rehab understands the importance of being pragmatic and we will support you to carry out your work & business commitments. Our team will guide you in fostering a balanced approach, so that your recovery and treatment plan remains a priority.

At Sydney Detox and Rehab, confidentiality and discretion is paramount. We take a range of measures to ensure your privacy. Your records will be anonymous- they will not be listed with Medicare or eHealth portals, nor will they be shared with private health or Income Protection insurers. We are a strictly paper-only service, meaning that your medical records are not recorded in any online data base. You can choose to use an alias when you stay with us. Our location is private, so that you can detox in the comfort of your own space and continue working if need be.

Why wait for a local withdrawal clinic or hospital when you can detox in a comfortable retreat-style facility? Sydney Detox and Rehab offers priority admission and highly personalised care in a luxury environment. 

Some frequently asked questions that we get:

Do I have to live with other people?

All clients have their own private room. We only take up to four clients at a time and you can engage as little or as much as you like.

What if I don’t like who I live with?

You are not sharing a bedroom. You have your own private bedroom. There is lots of room and privacy on our facility if you feel like you need space.

Can I work while I detox?

Yes. If you feel the inclination to work we provide a study desk and internet for laptop use. Our team will support you to find balance between work commitments and recovery.

Can I have my own room?

Yes, absolutely. You have a beautifully appointed bedroom and study desk area.

Whats the food like?

We cater to to all tastes and palates. Whatever your eating requirements we’ll make sure you enjoy your meals. If you want steak for breakfast we’ll give you steak. If you’re vegan or vegetarian we make sure the meals are balanced, nutritious and tasty. We ensure that you’re satisfied and healthy.

Do I get the best support possible when it comes to medical care and supervision?

We aim at providing high quality professional medical care and supervision with our friendly team.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Yes. Smoking is permitted at a designated outdoor areas. 

What about my privacy? How do you maintain confidentiality?

Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. We only use a paper based system so no information is stored online. There are no Medicare records as your stay is private and not recorded on online databases. Clients can choose to use an alias with staff if they choose to. Our location is private to ensure your anonymity.

Will my stay affect my Life Insurance Policy?

No. Your stay is confidential and private. Health insurance companies are not privy to your private and confidential information.

We are here to ensure you have everything you need. If you need privacy and comfort, we have it. If you need peace and tranquility, we will give it to you. If you want a specific meal or snack, you got it. Our specialist team endeavour to support you through the challenges of drug and alcohol detox and rehab.

Addiction comes at a steep price, affecting personal relationships, health and business. Our programs are a financial investment, that in the long run could save your health, relationships and your finances. This is the time to invest in yourself and your wellbeing.  We believe that recovery from addiction is a commitment to a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Your health and time is valuable and we’re here to ensure you’re on the right track to recovery.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact our friendly team on 02 9400 2384

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion with one of our friendly staff.