Testimonials About Sydney Detox and Rehab

One thing I found is the location is really good. Lots of places to walk. Counsellors have been excellent. I got different things out of each one. I feel more confident in myself and the ability to conquer my inner and outer problems. Doing yoga and going on walks takes your mind off things. Food has been great. Level of freedom is good. Compliment to the staff. They have been very accommodating and have made sure my stay is the best for my recovery and future.

– Peter

Sydney Detox and Rehab provides everything they say they will- it is private, confidential and luxurious. It is located within easy reach of beaches, easy walks and places to exercise. The counselling takes several forms and there is a format to suit everyone. The yoga, massages and acupuncture add another dimension to improving your life and well being following the detox. The rehab is supported by healthy organic food and cheerful encouraging staff who put their clients needs first. I am delighted to recommend the service and look forward to the rest of my healthy life.

– Jeanne

Having come to the end of my four week stay at Sydney Detox and Rehab, I can honestly say that the tailored program and team of expert staff have not only saved my life but in doing so, changed my life. I have struggled with addiction over many years and have completed numerous ‘in-patient’ treatment stays, all varying in duration, intensity and approach. The tailored program including daily one-on-one counselling sessions, individual Personal Training and yoga as well as five-star accommodation created an optimal environment in which I could focus all my efforts on establishing a foundation for life-long recovery. As stated on the Sydney Detox and Rehab web-site, “programs are tailored made to each client and developed in partnership with you to better meet your particular needs”. I can attest to this approach as I was able to work with the team at Sydney Detox and Rehab to develop and implement a structured and progressive ‘out-patient’ program as part of my transition back into the ‘real world’ that ensures I have the best possible chance of long-term recovery. I would like to acknowledge the incredible work of the team who are responsible for creating the optimal environment in support of my recovery and assisting me to create a treatment plan that both meets my needs and exceeds my expectations. I will never forget the love, encouragement and opportunity you have given me to move forward with the rest of my life.

– Mark

Checking into Sydney Detox and Rehab is by far the greatest decision I have ever made. It took a lot of bravery and honesty to come to the decision that I needed help to beat my addiction to cocaine. From the moment that I set foot in the centre, I knew I was “home”. The accommodations are 5 star, the food was 5 star and the staff so lovely and kind. But the very best, most important side of things was the therapy! It was carefully chosen and selected to suit my needs perfectly! I saw 7 therapists ranging from deep energy/trauma work, drug counselling, yoga, massage and acupuncture, medication prescribing and general therapy for anxiety, and how to re enter my life and family as a changed sober wife and mommy. I feel such love and admiration for the clinical co ordinator, who tended to my every need and wish and orchestrated the enormous shift and change in me. I am saddened that I must go home and wish so badly that I could stay one more week and learn more about myself and deepen the love and compassion for me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you all to the moon and back! I will be eternally grateful to you all for helping me to save myself, my family, and everything that matters in my life.
Much love

– MS

Staff at Sydney Detox and Rehab are kind and caring and understanding. They are very supportive. I’ve become greatly appreciative of the treatment they gave me: highly restorative and helpful. I am grateful for the assistance they’ve provided me.

– RM

Lovely accommodation, beautiful people and area, loved the program and all the counsellors.

– JK

An incredible & life-saving experience at Sydney Detox & Rehab centre.
The treatment was completely tailored, rather than a 1-size fits all, and the supporting practitioners recruited to support you are world-class. They are caring, compassionate and professional and provide a 360 degree approach for the mind, body and spirit.
The healthy food provided by a daily chef will be missed! Every whim (intolerance / preference) catered to.
For those seeking privacy for their recovery and no awkward group sessions, this is the place to go.

– LM

I’m happy to write this review as I am very satisfied customer. My time at Sydney & Detox Rehab was characterized as full of exercise, counselling, mind relaxation strategies and great food. A great way to start the journey of recovery. The team put on a great experience and I couldn’t recommend it higher.

– CG

Staying at the Sydney Detox and Rehab has been a life changing experience for me in the most positive way imaginable. In the past month I have spent here I have met some of the most loving, caring and compassionate people who worked with me on a daily basis to get to the point where I can confidently say I feel completely rehabilitated. I would like to thank everyone who works here for the amazing work. I 100% recommend this rehabilitation for anyone who needs support to detoxify or rehabilitate themselves. There is no equal to Sydney detox and rehab. Thanks again for all your help!

– MM

Tonight is my last night at Sydney detox. I can say I highly recommend this clinic. It is more than a clinic, it is a home away from home. Every single person I come into contact with was brilliant. Why you may ask? Each person was genuine in wanting to help. Each person REALLY LISTENED to what you had to say. This is itself makes you feel valuable at worthwhile. Every step of the journey they are there to support you in any way they can. The chefs cooking blew me away. Never was I hungry or wanting for anything. Top notch! The yoga classes were the best I have done. Although I was pushed when I was tired or unable to do something this was accepted with no judgement. Getting to meet and talk with the author of “Rise warrior rise” was beyond words. So much to absorb from such an incredible man. The counsellors were inspiring and I only wish I had more time with them – one counsellor was above and beyond. It took me a while I got used to her accent but once again she had the ability to truly see who I was and the issues I was struggling with. Once this was discovered she went about talking to me in a way I could relate to. She got to the depth of my problem and her words are still echoing in my ears. This is not to mention her massages. I do not relax very well and she managed to get me to a state of total deep relaxation. Well done! The manager was super in managing and co-coordinating my whole stay. Anything I wanted she was onto it pronto. Her kindness + gentleness did not go unnoticed. I want to tell all doctors that you should be sending you patients to this clinic. No one will be disappointed.

– AS

I wish I was coming back this weekend. It was so amazing!

– AS

Going to Sydney Detox and Rehab was a pleasurable experience. All of the staff make you part of the family. The fact that there are only a few clients at any one time means you get full one on one attention to learn and resolve personal issues.

– PS

Food was superb.

– DB

I am a 61 year old professional woman. Alcohol dependence snuck up on me and I denied it for a long time. When I realised I needed help I made many calls. From the first call the manager was down to earth, practical and the counsellor was very kind. They both made it very easy to make the call towards health.
I made the right choice. Sydney Detox and Rehab is a safe place. The centre has a holistic approach and the multi disciplinarian team work seamlessly together. Each client has their own program depending on their needs and their interests. Every moment I felt nurtured and supported on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The food is fabulous, the counselling is non-invasive but challenging, the yoga and massage – amazing. The environment is easy and comfortable and feels like home.
I am going home feeling more grounded than I have for a long time with strategies in place and ongoing support from the team. I have nothing but gratitude for my time here.

– LM

You saved my life. I was addicted to opiate pain killers from a bad accident a few years back and I managed to get off them totally. I am very grateful to Sydney Detox and rehab team who were fantastic helping me through this rough uncomfortable patch.

– TR

The manager and team at Sydney Detox and Rehab were amazing in helping me with detox from alcohol. They created a safe environment I felt comfortable in and were very accommodating to my needs. I feel I can go back to my life with confidence and understanding about my addiction. It will make the transition into sobriety easier.

– SW

Coming here is life changing. It is not only set in beautiful surroundings and in a magnificent house with some of the best food I have ever eaten, it has given ME back. The caring support of the whole team especially the host, have me time, encouragement and the freedom to share which allowed me to overcome my alcohol addiction. The amount of different therapies on offer, along with the daily one on one therapy sessions has given me clarity and tools to take into my daily life to succeed.
I wasn’t ready to come for therapy but I knew if I didn’t I would lose everything, so waiting until you’re ready is no excuse. You need to do it now.
This isn’t a centre – it becomes a new memory that will remind me of the days I found Me again, and happiness and knowledge that today is a great day and my new sobriety life outside is very much possible because I don’t ever want to say sorry for my drinking to anyone again.
I can’t recommend Sydney Detox and Rehab enough and thank them for giving me back what I could have lost forever.

The Found Hills Lady

– RK

All staff members are willing and very helpful through a though time. The food is 5-star rated, the carers are easy to get along with, the counsellor is very realistic, easy to talk to and is willing to have outdoor sessions which is a lot easier than sitting inside all day.
The massage and fitness is very easy to get along with and a lot of knowledge about your body and health is shared and is easy going. The management staff are very thoughtful and caring, the run a very good ship in a very good house. The house is 5 star, very comfortable and I wish to thank all the people who help in this time that I was there. Thanks from the boy from the bush.

– GS

This addiction detox centre is so unique, it’s a rare find in the heart of Sydney. Other detox and rehabs have too many people and you can get lost in the busy environment. This centre is small, peaceful, confidential and very, very private, with all the comforts you need. I highly recommend it.

– JE

On arrival I didn’t think I would be learning in such a positive motivated state. You all have impacted me in more ways than you know and taken me out of my comfort zone… in every way possible. I have learnt to slow down, to forgive, relax, and have opened my eyes to the feeling of being sober and content. I am clearer, my skin, my body and my mind. Thank you. I can’t wait to carry what I have learnt into my life and tach others how.

– MB

At your pace, & on your time..when you are ready… the guys have already started..

Whilst fear and not knowing what to expect can be overwhelming, the love, care and nurturing I received during my stay cannot be bought. I found myself again & there are not enough stars in the world to rate that!
Thank you

– AD xxxx

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