Why is private detox expensive

One question people ask us, is why we charge a healthy fee per day for our detox programs. That’s a good question. There are several factors involved in fee structure worth considering. The cost of addiction is high, and the financial benefits of staying sober are huge. Detoxing may be the best investment you ever make.

Consider the cost of substance abuse. A raging ice addiction can cost $1000 per day. A 10-day detox with us would be around $22,000. With successful recovery, that’s a saving of $343,000 per year, and $1million every 3 years. This makes private detoxing a valuable investment.

Similarly, an executive client running a successful enterprise runs the risk of losing their business if they continue to drink a bottle of whiskey per day. Not to mention the cost of divorce, health breakdown, loss of income, family and support network breakdown. Addiction is an expensive lifestyle.

Getting health rebates is important for some clients. But for a service to offer clients rebates, it needs to in be a hospital setting. For many relapsing clients, a hospital environment is not preferable or has not been successful in the past. Some clients prefer a more relaxed, comfortable and upmarket accommodation. Feeling institutionalised and being overmedicated can be an obstacle to recovery. Hospital settings also have very low ratios of staff to client. Personal contact is the most beneficial treatment of all in recovery.

And finally, private drug and alcohol withdrawal is not funded by the Australian government. This can be a good thing, because independent services are not governed by rigid administration or bureaucracy. This means private detoxes can offer services that are not part of the current medical system and employ the best possible specialists. Complementary therapies such as massage, nutrition and acupuncture, which have been found to be highly therapeutic in addiction management overseas can also be implemented. Quality control is part of independent business models, so customer satisfaction is the number one priority for private withdrawal centres.

Sydney Detox and Rehab charge an average fee of $2200 per day for a 7-28 day drug and alcohol withdrawal program. Phone 02 9400 2384 for more information and bookings.