Emotional and
Energetic Healing

Unresolved emotional pain and past traumatic events are at the root cause of substance abuse. Here at Sydney Detox we offer specialised sessions in a unique form of emotional healing which works at the energetic levels of the person. Irrespective of the intensity or length of time these emotional wounds have been there, this method has consistently proven to quickly and gently resolve them so they are truly a thing of the past. Once the painful issues have been healed, the person can think about them without being drawn down into negative emotional spirals. Clients report experiencing a new-found calm, clarity, peace of mind, lightness and positivity in a way which they had not experienced through previous therapy sessions.

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Trauma can be triggered by an array of different events occurring in a person’s life. Early childhood abuse and abuse in adulthood, whether that is physical or emotional, bullying, or violence, are all traumatic experiences that can make navigating through everyday life challenging. Treatment for trauma may be required to overcome these experiences.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is Trauma that is psychological and often occurs following a distressing situation or event. Further, this type of trauma can often result in difficulty to function or cope as normal.

The way in which we experience trauma is unique to each individual, and subsequently, each individual will react differently. Whilst some people may develop signs and symptoms soon following the event, others may be affected by this experience later in life.

Traumatic events often involve life-threatening situations, and, in many scenarios, feelings of isolation and loneliness are often created. These feelings may follow soon after, due to the (often) unique nature of traumatic experiences.

The level of trauma caused by an event cannot be indicated by objective facts alone. An experience that may be overwhelming or stressful for one person, may seem like an everyday occurrence to someone else. Therefore, it is important to remember that the level of emotional response is subjective to each person. It can be found that a higher level of helplessness that an individual feels in any given situation, often causes a higher level of traumatisation from their experience.

Mental health and trauma

Regrettably, the aftermath of a traumatic event has a drastic knock-on effect on a person’s life. In most cases, those who attend rehabilitation services for trauma are experiencing a dual diagnosis. Meaning, mental health is only one of a few concerns that they are suffering with. Therefore, it is imperative that the patient is treated wholey, rather than the individual signs or symptoms of trauma that are being projected. This is essential to helping defeat trauma permanently.

The mental health issues that may occur following traumatic stress includes:

  • Loneliness
  • Extreme stress
  • Feelings of despair, hopelessness and shame
  • Behaviour that is self-destructive
  • Severe anxiety
  • Depression

The formation of negative habits often follows on from trauma, as a method to break free of the psychological feelings that might be present. Therefore, individuals enduring the effects of trauma may also suffer from:

  • Impulsive behaviours, such as gambling
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Alcoholism
  • Substance abuse
  • Sex or process addiction

Here at Sydney Detox & Rehab, each person is able to receive tailored treatment that will help to not only overcome their trauma, but also will address the reactionary mental health and addictions that may be present. Seeking help as early as possible is important to overcome these factors, as this enables individuals to get to the root cause of a traumatic event.

Seeking professional help for trauma

Recovering from trauma, especially if coexisting issues are present, will take time. The person not only needs to conquer the root cause of their trauma, but will also need to work through and overcome their subsequent addictions, too. Healing, much like trauma, happens at a pace unique to each individual, so it’s important to recognise that this will be a process that occurs over time, rather than being seen as a quick-fix remedy.

Knowing when to seek professional help for trauma can be difficult to determine. However, if you are experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to seek professional help. Are you:

  • Incapable of forming close relationships?
  • Having frightening experiences, such as memories, nightmares or flashbacks?
  • Avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma?
  • Feeling disconnected from others and emotionally numb?
  • Having trouble functioning, whether this be at home or work?
  • Suffering from severe fear, anxiety or depression?
  • Turning to alcohol or drugs to feel better?

Working through trauma alone is often scary and intimidating, as, without the right professional help, it can be difficult to understand exactly what you’re feeling. That’s why the help of an experienced trauma specialist that we provide at Sydney Detox and Rehab is essential.


The courage you need to face past experiences that you may be hiding from, is key to healing properly from psychological or emotional trauma. Whilst this alone may sound intimidating, the right environment will allow you to encounter these experiences in a safe and comfortable way.

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