Confidential luxury addiction treatment

SDR offers clients privacy and luxury on our alcohol & drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs to Canberra locals. Your comfort and privacy are our priority.

We go the extra mile for your privacy- clients are able to use an alias with staff if they choose to, we only use paper-based records and these records will be anonymous – they will not be listed with Medicare or eHealth portals, nor will they be shared with private health or Income Protection insurers.
SDR takes a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery.
We believe in the importance of good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, connection and enjoyment to support the detox and recovery process in Canberra.
Your detox and rehab will take place in a homely, non-clinical luxury environment where our staff treat you like a person rather than a patient.

Easy access from Canberra

SDR (Detox & Rehab) is easily accessible to individuals living in Canberra and ACT. A short flight or 3.5hr drive is all it takes to reach us.

Our friendly staff will arrange pick ups and drop-offs to help ensure your journey is a smooth one.

Why travel for detox and rehab in Canberra?

Having some distance between yourself and the triggers you associate with alcohol and drug use can be supportive during addiction detox & rehab. Being in a new environment can give a fresh perspective. SDR provides a relaxed haven to support your recovery process, surrounded by the beautiful Northern beaches

Some individuals want wish to attend detox and rehab outside their city or town in order to help ensure privacy and minimise the risk of being recognised by people within their local circles.

Priority admission

SDR offers clients priority admission. Addiction and recovery is challenging enough without having to wait several weeks or even months to access the support you are longing for. Many public addiction programs have waiting lists of up to 6 months; whilst private hospitals can have wait times of up to several weeks.

Most of our clients are admitted within 1 week of their first contact with our service. Our staff support you every step of the way during this contemplation phase with phone calls and check-ins. We understand that coming in to a detox and rehab can feel nerve wracking.

If you decide that one of our programs could be right for you, we will organise an assessment with one of our friendly staff to get a clearer picture of where you’re at, what you need and whether we’re the best service for you. From there, we will arrange an admission time that is convenient to you.

Personalised care

Clients and their families appreciate our care and commitment to their wellbeing.

Recovery can be a challenging process. Having committed and dedicated people along side you, supporting you through the ups and downs of detox can make a world of difference.

You do not need to face addiction alone. Recovery is a process of reconnecting- with yourself, with others, with your passions and all that life has to offer.

We endeavour to get to know each client as well as we can so that we can identify and organise the best supports for you in your recovery process. No two recovery journeys are the same, so why should your treatment program look the same as anybody else’s?

What is detox and rehab like at SDR?

SDR has a friendly team of experienced medical staff, nurses, addiction counsellors, chefs and holistic therapists. We work together to offer a holistic approach to medically supervised detox and rehab.

Our medical team will assess your health and needs in order to create a personalised treatment plan for your detox and recovery journey. Our staff are trained to maximise the comfort and safety of your stay. SDR provides services for up to 4 clients at a time to ensure your privacy and provide highly individualised care.

To ease your detoxification process we offer conducive physical therapies such as massage, acupuncture and personal training to complement your medical interventions.

An in-house chef creates delicious and nutritious meals to your tastes and health needs.

We want clients to connect with the joy of living and reconnect to their reason for living.

Daily counselling, psycho-educational sessions and executive coaching will help you understand what created and maintains your addiction, but more importantly, what you need to do to move forward in your life and make the most of the possibilities available in this world. To help you connect with all that life has to offer, we have a range of enjoyable activities for you to discover, including golf, beach walks, kayaking, African drumming sessions, equine assisted learning and sound meditation.


Because we understand that recovery is an ongoing process, aftercare is included in all of our packages. Our packages include one month of outpatient aftercare to help ease you back into your life post detox and rehab. For those interested in long-term support, our team will link you up with the most appropriate professionals and services in your local area.

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For more information about our exclusive addiction treatment program, accommodations, and personalised care, please call or email us.