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Professional Services

  • We specialise in medically supported detox
  • We create tailor-made short stay rehab programs
  • All clients receive daily holistic therapies and aftercare

Sydney Detox and Rehab specialises in drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment. Our experienced staff will support you during your detox process and work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure sustainable long term recovery. Our team is dedicated to supporting you through the initial stages of your detox, right through to your addiction rehabilitation & recovery.

Clients are offered a complete drug and alcohol withdrawal program including medical care, medication, integrative therapies, Pharmacotherapy, counselling and lifestyle advice. We create a program that works for you.

We’re with you, every step of the way

Every step of your recovery is supported. You may need a 7-day drug or alcohol withdrawal program. You may need a longer all inclusive holistic treatment plan. You may need both. Or you may just need a big rest away from the pressures of life to work on your health recovery. Our intake staff will assist you in creating a treatment plan that allows you to move towards your recovery goals. Identifying the root cause of your addiction and learning the most appropriate lifestyle strategies to overcome cravings is a vital step in your recovery journey.

Here at Sydney Detox and Rehab, our goal to is make sure you complete your withdrawal and recovery process successfully. You will learn relapse prevention strategies and the necessary tools to move forward in your life. We offer one month of aftercare to support your sobriety after you leave and help you stay in touch. We believe that relapse prevention tools are foundational to sustainable long term recovery.

Medication and Pharmacotherapy

Pharmacotherapy can be an important strategy to help minimise any unwanted side effects or cravings you might have during the detox phase. Pharmacotherapy is the medication regime that our professional medical team will suggest in order to assist you in the detox stages of addiction treatment. These pharmacological supports may reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and help you to get a good nights’ rest. Our medical team are on hand to assist you in managing any prescribed medication that you may be taking. As part of our program, we are also able to offer supplements and natural medicines to assist the detox process in a gentle way. At Sydney Detox and Rehab, the emphasis is on a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In addition to pharmacotherapy, we offer wholesome, nutritious food prepared by our chef, daily massages or acupuncture, personal training and counselling.

Support at Every Stage

We support you at every stage of your addiction recovery journey. Whether you need a 7 day or 28 day drug or alcohol withdrawal program or a break from the pressures of life, our experienced team of staff will help you plan your stay to ensure you achieve your recovery goals. Reaching out for support with your addiction is a courageous first step. At Sydney Detox and Rehab we will help you to identify the causes and factors that maintain your addiction so that we can better help you with the most appropriate strategies and steps that will support you to overcome your addiction.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Our programs are tailored made to each client and developed in partnership with you to better meet your particular needs.  We have a range of pharmacological,  holistic therapies and wellbeing activities that we can offer clients, from art therapy, to kayaking, to equine assisted learning to psycho-educational sessions.

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