Private Drug Rehabilitation Centre

My stay at Sydney Detox and Rehab was a really valuable experience to me.
Thank you for fundamentally changing my life and helping me believe I am more than a drug addict.
– MM

  • Sydney Detox and Rehab offers detox and treatment for cocaine addiction in a warm, nurturing comfortable environment.
  • We are known for our attention to detail and high level of privacy.
  • Our friendly staff will help you get your life back on track with a range of specially chosen interventions to suit your needs and lifestyle.

What is drug addiction?

Addiction is a very serious health concern that can impact individuals from all walks of life and at any stage of their life. Individuals can develop addictions to illicit drugs.

What may start off as ‘harmless’ recreational use can quickly lead to dependence on the drug. Addiction is the compulsive and repeated seeking out of the drug(s) of choice. A person will continue using the drug, in spite of the negative consequences that the drug(s) has on their life, relationships, finances and health.

Signs and symptoms of drug addictions

As a person uses more and more of a substance, they begin to develop tolerance for that drug. The body needs more and more of the drug to get the same effects. The body becomes physically dependent on the substance as it begins to physiologically adapt to the drug. This means that when the drug is stopped, the body enters into withdrawal & cravings for the drug arise. Tolerance and physical dependence are major signs of addiction.

Other signs and symptoms of drug addiction include:

  • Strong urges to use the drug
  • Risky behaviours, either to get the drug or while taking the drug
  • Inability to stop using and making excuses to continue using
  • Secrecy and lying around drug use
  • Inability to meet family, work and personal obligations
  • Isolating self
  • Loss of interest in other aspects of life
  • Financial problems caused by drug use
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Changes to personality and appearance
  • Health issues such as high blood pressure, nasal cavity damage.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit

Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the drug(s) being used. These symptoms may include: nausea, lethargy, tremors, vomiting, depression, confusion, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and dangerous depending on the drug(s) used and severity & duration of the addiction. Due to risk of seizure and death it is highly recommended that drug detox be undertaken in a residential detox centre under proper guidance and supervision.

Treatment for drug addiction

Getting support for a drug addiction can be an intimidating process, but you are not
alone. Reaching out for help is important and choosing residential support for detox and rehabilitation can improve your chances of recovering and reclaiming your life from addiction.
Sydney Detox and Rehab specializes in confidential drug and alcohol detoxification
in a relaxed residential setting. Detox and withdrawal can be a crucial first step in
your recovery journey.
We understand that for some people need to have a very comfortable, and nonclinical environment to detox in and that is important for them. We also offer privacy
and confidentiality which is an extra bonus.

What drug addictions are treated at Sydney Detox and Rehab?

Sydney Detox and Rehab is able to support individuals struggling with the following addictions:

  • Cocaine

Please call us to discuss other drugs of addiction.

We take a holistic approach to drug addiction treatment and whether we can help in your addiction treatment.

Throughout your detox you will be supported with daily therapies such as massage, acupuncture and counselling. You will be nourished with nutritious meals tailored to your preferences. Your program is tailor made, so depending on your needs & interests we can offer additions like voice training, recreational activities such as golf & kayaking and sound meditation.

 Rehabilitation is recommended after the detox phase, so that you can understand your addiction and develop the tools & resources to live a fulfilling life without the burden of addiction. .

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion with one of our friendly staff.